The duo Bruvoll/Halvorsen is playing modern norwegian folk music. Their music is based traditional song from Telemark.

Jon Anders Halvorsen is a young folk singer who specialises in songs from his native area of Telemark in southern Norway. Many of these songs have been passed down to him by the older generation of people from Telemark, with whom he maintains a strong relationship. In some cases these people are the only remaining resource of traditional and sometimes even medieval songs.

Jon Anders was awarded the prize for best vocal performer at the 2002 Landskappleiken, Norway's most important competition for folk music.

Over the past year Jon Anders has collaborated with the gifted guitarist Tore Bruvoll, who he met at a folk music festival in Telemark. Tore backs Jon Anders' thoroughly traditional singing with contemporary and internationally influenced guitar work. Together they bring historic songs into a modern context, the effects of which are at times delicate and touching, and at others powerful and moving.

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